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Tried your aniseed crumb in practice cracking bag of quality roach when a lot of others blank Gary Duncom

Hi, just a quick message about the groundbait.
Fished my slivers league yesterday, used your ground bait for the first time.
Used a 50/50 mix of the Black Anniseed and Black Maj, then again mixed this 50/50 with soil, added my jokers to it, fishing bloodworm on the hook, won round 4 with 8lb of mixed fish, small roach, skimmers and perch. Either side of me only managed too weigh in 1lb so I am very pleased with the ground bait and I will be a regular customer. Dave James.

David Hemmings Top product.

I fished at a local venue today went to newbarn farm I fished on willow lake today was all about silvers I had 7lb 10oz in about 4 hours caught roach,skimmers,perch all on maggots used a 3.5 meter whip I had a really good time using your Roach Mix Ian Black

I fished viaduct fishery for a charity match I drew peg 77 on Cary it was hard going I ended up with 20lb 5oz caught carp on straight lead with 8mm pellet and pva bag of 4/6mm pellet and caught some skimmers on gold medal fishmeal groundbait with worm Ian Black

Fishing at Stoke bardolf Notts today on the river Trent using roaring river and maggot had 4 hours on the centre pin had 2 chub 1. bream 6 roach and 12 big perch most a pound plus, lost a few as well. David Shipley

Sack full using blackmaj with peat making a slop! Makes a excellent slop creating a good cloud for shallow water! Also used gold fishmeal as a paste late on for bigger stuff! Brilliant products!! Charlie Young

Won today's match at local commercial with 51lb dead. Fished green method mix for first hour catching steady, then went onto paste made out of gold fishmeal catching steady, then last 45 went down the edge using dead mags over meatamix, what an edge mix that is!!! Was solid!!

Had a day out at my local commercial. Used the green swim and meatamix combination and yet again proved strong with bites coming all day. Callum Peacock

Gave the green swim and meatamix a run last week and i must say they work brilliantly together. They are the easiest groundbaits i ever mixed and have definitely got my approval thanks Clive Branson

Oakfield today managed to sneak 3rd in the end with 15 lbs . All on live maggot over sweet green gold medal and dead maggots. 4 x 12 Ian Everett float to 010 and a 20 hook . Fished really hard. 29 lbs won it from 19 I think 2nd was 19 lbs from 14 and I was on 11 .www.goldmedalgroundbaits.co.uk  Simon Duke

Bury hill yesterday for 2nd round of the winter league & after drawing a nasty peg 4 had the fun & games obreaking the ice .My neighbour kindly let me use his ice breaker & when I threw it out the end came off & I lost it which was somewhat embarrassing 😳.I didn't feel so stupid when Geoff valance to my left managed to do the same , at least his was his own one though so not quite as rude lol .Anyway after all the uproar the skimmers would have surely scarpered up the other end of the lake away from any of us .My tactic from the off was a couple of balls of gold medal green swim groundbait with squats in & to fish pinkie over this for anything at all.  However there had only been 1 other fish caught in my section 4 pegs to my right which was a rare roach so I somehow managed 2nd in section & a brown envelope Anthony Sneyd
Seems the be a load of big Stripey billies around at the moment. Had a few in the last 3 matches to just over 3lbs 3wins on the bounce. Chopped lobbies and just a few casters posted in with some Black Majestic. David Hemmings

Well it was a blustery day today as the earlier video.
Anyway I was on peg 8 set up a pole short as it was to windy to try and fish past 5 meters . Fed that with dead maggots and some pinkies in goldmedal sweet green.
Set up a maggot feeder and a straight lead for a wafter and bread .
Started on the feeder and no bites for first hour tried the pole but a waste of time only caught gudgeon and eye roach . Back on the feeder and caught a a small carp stuck this out all match as no one on our bank was catching. I ended up winning our side of the lake and 3rd overall

It certainly works ordered some more got a match sun on local canal will try it on their
Mark Brdley

Fished a Saturday open at watermedows Lincs drew peg 14 out the bag wasn't to sure what to expect to be fair never had the peg before. Started off at 14.5m pinging to far bank nightmare there where plenty of fish there and no matter what I tried couldn't catch them  missed bites foul hooked fish lost rigs you name it it happened to me  by this time it was getting into the afternoon and still no fish in the net . So after a sulk and a cup of coffee went back at it dropped down to 11m new rig fresh start fished a muntz float 4x14 slim fished meat and 50/50 combo of micros and Goldmedal baits moloasses mix long story short had 3 carp of this line to stop me from blanking for 14lb and 3rd in section James More

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